R.E.D. Marketing: The Three Ingredients of Leading Brands

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“Provocative, yet Practical.”

– Ken Langone, Co-Founder, Home Depot, Founder and Chairman, Invemed Associates, Inc.

A Peek Inside

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What you’ll find in the book:

  • How to sidestep the other marketing books, courses and articles that offer hypothetical explanations and embrace the proven, systematic approach of R.E.D. Marketing.
  • Learn from actual examples from Yum! Brands and other recognizable brands of every size from around the world
  • Hear the latest findings in marketing, neuroscience and behavioral economics
  • Learn from the authors’ experience marketing three different brands worldwide
  • Find out how your brand can set and achieve a truly breakthrough marketing campaign using R.E.D. Marketing

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Meet the Authors

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Greg Creed

Former Yum! Brands Chief Executive Officer

Greg Creed was CEO of Yum! Brands, Inc., from January 2015 to December 2019 and served as a Director of the Board from November 2014 to May 2020, overseeing the world’s largest restaurant companies, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Each brand is the global leader in their category, with more than 50,000 restaurants in more than 150 countries and territories.

Creed has over 40 years of experience in marketing and operations. Prior to leading Yum! Brands, he was head of Taco Bell, serving as CEO after a successful run as President and Chief Concept Officer, responsible for driving overall brand strategy and performance of the business. He re-energized Taco Bell with the launch of the “Live Más” brand campaign in 2012; the reinvention of the taco with the revolutionary Doritos Locos Taco; and the introduction of the game-changing Cantina Bell Menu. Previously, he served as Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell, spearheading the “Think Outside the Bun” campaign and driving strong sales and profit growth for five consecutive years.

Greg has recently co-founded a small “unconsulting” company called Creed UnCo which focuses on the three things he is passionate about – branding, franchising and culture.

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Meet the Authors

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Ken Muench

Yum! Brands Chief Marketing Officer
Collider Lab Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Ken Muench is the Chief Marketing Officer for Yum! Brands and leads The Collider Lab, a think tank made up of social scientists, marketing strategists, cultural trend forecasters, and data gurus. Ken has been working in marketing and strategy for more than 25 years.

Since Yum! Brands acquired Collider Lab in 2015, marketing effectiveness at Yum has surged globally as the R.E.D. marketing system has been rolled out around the world.

Before founding Collider Lab, Muench led Strategic Planning at Draftfcb OC and all of Draftfcb’s North American Multicultural offices. Prior to that, he led strategy at the creative boutique Grupo Gallegos – where he won several high-profile industry awards.

Unlike a traditional CMO, Ken acts as a master aggregator of marketing discoveries for the entire company, cracking the toughest marketing challenges globally, figuring out what is working around the world and what isn’t, and creating repeatable models to implement everywhere.

Prior to being acquired by Yum!, Collider Lab worked on Taco Bell’s turnaround, as well as positioning and growth mapping projects for Nestle North America, Verizon, Toyota, Tyson Foods, Hulu and more. Since then, Collider Lab has tripled in size and worked with companies around the world, repositioning brands, mapping out growth opportunities with Category Entry Point studies, helping brands find their distinctiveness with Distinctive Brand Asset studies and helping businesses rediscover their mojo in culture with strategic firepower.

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Create breakthrough marketing campaigns that achieve staggering consumer response rates by harnessing the power of R.E.D. Marketing: a transparent and flexible methodology from the CMO and former CEO of marketing powerhouse Yum! Brands – Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut – with a genuine track record of success.

Its simple methodology does not require complicated terms and a PhD to understand, it’s actually quite simple: marketing works in three very different ways:

  • Relevance: Is it relevant to culture and the marketplace?
  • Ease: Is it easy to recall and access?
  • Distinctiveness: Does it stand out from competition in an ownable way?

As you’ll read, R.E.D. encompasses the three elements of relevance: cultural relevance, functional relevance, and social relevance. Next comes ease: easy to notice and easy to access. Finally—and crucially—comes distinctiveness. Add these elements together and you will have truly effective marketing.

Combining actual examples from Yum! and other recognizable brands of every size around the world; the latest findings in marketing, neuroscience, and behavioral economics; and the author’s own experience marketing three different brands around the world – your brand can set and achieve a truly breakthrough marketing campaign utilizing R.E.D Marketing.

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Bulk Orders

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Thank you for your interest in ordering R.E.D. Marketing: Three Ingredients of Leading Brands by Greg Creed and Ken Muench. As an added premium for bulk orders, we are offering the following:

  • Order 50 copies – Access to an exclusive video series featuring R.E.D. Marketing tips from author, Ken Muench
  • Order 100 copies – Access to exclusive video content featuring authors, Greg Creed and Ken Muench, discussing the R.E.D. Marketing concept and ​sharing Yum! Brands examples
  • Order 250 copies – Author(s) speak with your team or organization for free via 1-hour virtual session
  • Order 1,000+ copies – Send in your questions about your brand’s R.E.D. Marketing Plan to the authors, then have a 1.5 hour session with the authors to give you their analysis and suggestions

One you have placed your bulk order, please email redmarketingbook@yum.com a copy of your electronic receipt and we will reach out to regarding the premium offer you qualify for.